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Can we get a “watt watt” for our new Bearmach LED Lights?!

New to range – LED Lights

Bearmach’s new stylish LED lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, suitable for all Land Rovers. These high efficiency lights will soon become a necessity and not just an accessory for your Land Rover.

The LED Lights also come with Bearmach’s new 3 YEAR WARRANTY which covers Bearmach own-branded products. Ask your Account Manager for further details.

LED light

Additional Info

  • Covered byBearmach’s 3-year extended warranty
  • Higher light efficiency by dual side-emitting
  • OSRAM LED chips have a higher uniformity in colour temperature
  • No electromagnetic interference to other electronic devices
  • Less than 5% lumens depreciation in 30,000 hours
  • Dual row multifunction curved light bar
  • The light source of the dual row is CREE or EPISTAR
  • 3 light patterns available: spot/flood/combo
  • Off-road driving light
  • Compliance code IP68
  • These Bearmach LED lights are suitable for use on all Land Rover models.
Light Kit