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RHD Snow Cowl


The all-weather heater intake cowl is our version of the traditional  ‘Snow Cowl’ fitted to military specification Defenders.

The all-weather cowl will prevent snow, mud and leaves from entering the heater intake and reducing the Defender heater performance. The heater intake system is fitted with a water trap whose one-way valve is designed to allow water that enters the intake to escape. In reality this one-way valve collects debris and eventually blocks with sludge. Fitting the all-weather cowl prevents moisture build-up within the intake system. Unlike the metal military spec’ item this Snow Cowl is manufactured from ABS plastic.

A rigid construction means damage is more likely to occur to the wing if the cowl is snagged when driving off-road. We selected ABS because it’s the same material car-bumpers are made from and offers greater flexibility than steel or aluminium, yet remains strong enough to take the weight of an adult standing on it.