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Universal Heater Locker


The Universal Diesel Heater locker has been designed to create a standalone mounting for a 2kw/5kw diesel-powered auxiliary heater in any vehicle. Perfect if you don’t want to fit the heater under your cubby box or if you have a heater which is too large to fit into the dedicated Defender Heater Locker.

The Universal Diesel Heater Locker creates a secure steel compartment for your heater to protect it from knocks and scrapes when mounted in the back of your vehicle as well as concealing the heater from sight.

The cut-out within the base-plate of the Universal Diesel Heater Locker has been designed to match the standard footprint of all the common diesel heaters, (e.g. Eberspächer, Webasto, MV Airo, Planar) as well as the popular budget Chinese diesel heaters typically found on eBay.

The slotted holes in the base-plate will accept any M8 or M6 fasteners. We offer multiple (8) fixing holes to create flexibility for mounting locations. We supply 4 x M6x25mm bolts, 4 x M6 nuts and 8x M6 x washers with the locker. Because of the ‘Universal’ nature of this product it would be impossible for us to supply the ‘correct’ length bolts for every possible mounting application. This means you may have to source your own alternative length fixings for your specific mounting location.

Slots at one end of the locker provide the air-inlet for your heater. The outlet hole at the opposite end can be fitted with the outlet nozzle. The outlet hole is also large enough to pass the heater pipework directly through it should you wish to extend your heaters’ pipework. A pair of slots in the rear back-plate provide an entry point for routing the wiring loom into the locker.

The external dimensions of the locker are (L) 400 x (W) 230 x (H) 165mm.

Colour is Black.


Red Bear Universal Heater
Red Bear Outdoors

Universal Heater

While we don’t stock the heater that fits the universal heater locker, our friends at Red Bear Outdoors do. Follow the link to purchase your heater today!

Red Bear Outdoors